Tips and Tricks for Making your Winter Build Run Smoothly with our Builders in Kingsbury

Though the summer time can be more convenient when it comes to building your home, it’s absolutely possible to construct your new dream living space during the winter months! Due to both economic reasons and an update in technology, many contractors are able and willing to build a home any month of the year. At Mitch Feikes Builders, our crew of builders in Kingsbury is highly qualified to complete any task given to them. Below are a few tips and things to consider when constructing your new home during the winter.

Working in Frigid Conditions

Though our builders in Kingsbury can easily complete your custom home build, you should expect working times to be shorter and slower in the winter months. This is due to the frigid conditions and shorter daylight hours that come with the changing seasons. Contractors also wear heavier, warmer gear which can slow them down and limit movement. Our builders will also need to take additional precautions during construction in order to prevent frozen pipes, ice damming, and other water infiltration issues.

Keep the Building Area Clean

Even with bulldozers and construction vehicles that are able to easily drive over snow, it would be wise to keep your lot clear of any snow or other winter-related debris. That will allow our builders in Kingsbury, Indiana can easily access the construction without their tires slipping or getting stuck in snow mounds in the process. Make sure you and your contractor agree upon which party should be responsible for snow removal during the process.

You’ll have a Stronger Foundation

Many people believe pouring concrete on the brittle, icy ground would create a weaker, unstable foundation. However, pouring concrete in cold weather can result in your home’s foundation being stronger than normal! Though it may take a little longer to cure, our builders in Kingsbury are sure to take extra care when excavating the ground for your foundation, resulting in a more carefully thought out and constructed foundation.

If you’re in need of custom home building or commercial construction, Mitch Feikes Builders has the services you need any time of the year. Request one of our builders in Kingsbury, Indiana today by visiting our contact page or calling 219-326-9200 today!