With the weather turning colder as the winter season draws near, many homeowners are beginning to crank up the heat to keep the edge off in the mornings and at night. However, if your home has drafty windows, you may be using up more resources than necessary which not only keeps your heater working harder, but your bills higher. Fortunately, fixing drafty windows can be a simple task. Below are 5 different items you can use to keep the cold air out for good.

  • Rope caulk: Rope caulk is soft and sticky, so it can easily be molded to fit whatever gap you need filled. It’s also extremely easy to remove!
  • Shrink film: This clear plastic film shrinks tight when heated and can seal off any draft! Rubbing alcohol will then easily remove the double sided tape when it’s time to remove the film.
  • Nail polish: Though this may seem like an unusual fix, nail polish will invisibly fill the crack in your window. Once it dries, the glass will also be stabilized until it’s time for a replacement.

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