When it comes to owning your first home, whether it’s by yourself or with a new family, you want everything to be as perfect as you can manage. You may be wondering if it would be better to build to your exact specifications or simply purchase your first home and modify it as you see fit. If you’re indecisive on what you should do, read on for some tips that may sway your decision.

Purchasing an existing home is generally cheaper and may be more ideal for a family looking for their first starter home. As long as it has a majority of what you’re looking for, you can add on to it as necessary. If you’re still unhappy with it a few years down the line, you can move or build your own with a better understanding of home renovations and repairs.

However, if you’re interested and able to build your new home right away, you can have full customization of everything from the floor plan to the countertops right from the start. Though this is obviously the more expensive option, it can pay off down the line as you find yourself spending less on renovations and repairs and you’ll know exactly where every little piece came from.

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