If you’re interested in building your own custom home, you’ll want to be sure the plot of land you’re building on is ideal to your specifications. You’ll first need to determine if you want to live far out in the country, where there’s a lot of beautiful space to build and live, or if you’re content with a smaller suburban lot. The size of the lot you choose will also impact the amount of time the construction process takes.

Finding the right lot can be a process all on its own, but there a few steps you can take to finding the perfect place to build your new home. For starters, you’ll want to have a good understanding of how you’ll utilize the remaining land once your home is complete. Do you want a pool, garage, or a large jungle gym for the kids? Knowing these things ahead of time allows you to provide your contractors with the proper information so they can build with all of your current and future specifications in mind.

If you’re building a custom home in LaPorte County, Indiana, you can also select one of the lots from our Whispering Meadow community, which is ideal for retirees and new families alike. If you’re in need of a custom home builder in Michigan City, Indiana, contact Mitch Feikes Builders today at 219-326-9200.