In a previous post, we began exploring some of the hottest trends for the summer of 2016 in new home building and renovations. As opposed to being safe and going for a typical home that isn’t incredibly distinguished from the houses surrounding it, try adding a trend you feel passionate about! There are numerous trends that are becoming increasingly popular this summer, and here’s another for you to consider:

Water Features
While pools, hot tubs, and rivers have been staples in landscaping for years; water features built into different furnishings is a new twist on the old classic. One such feature is jazzing up outdoor tables this summer. People are putting a lot of thought into their outdoor spaces, and tables aren’t missing the scrutiny, so you may see a water path built through a beautiful stone table, cascading off the end like a waterfall. These small touches can add a beautiful, unique, and serene touch to outdoor areas. You can even take this trend and make it your own with a small, bubbling, fountain center piece or by incorporating a trough-like water path into something else, like down a stone-staircase. Whatever you choose, the small, trendy detail is making new homes unique and enviable this summer.

There are numerous other trends you can check out if you still haven’t found the right one for you. When it comes to creating your dream home, don’t settle for the stereotypical home, make one truly your own. With the help of a custom home builder in Michigan City, Indiana, you can customize the home perfectly suited to your tastes. Visit for exceptional design and building services you can trust.